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I’ve not looked at OLW for a while but it got some updates today that made me look again. For those late to the game OLW is free a web based collaboration tool from the Office team. From with Office applications you can save direct to your cloud based workspace and collaborate with others you invite. Check out this screenshot to give you a good idea of what it can do. Did you know for example that it allows you to share you screen and work with another person on documents in realtime?

So what’s new?

  • Storage space increased to 5GB
  • Folders: The ability to create folders in your workspaces for your documents and files
  • Cut/Copy/Paste your docs and files between folders and workspaces
  • Eight new languages supported

For me the languages is a big deal as I’m glad to see our services rolling out in Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Serbian-Latin, Ukrainian, Slovak, Latvian, and Slovenian. That makes 28 languages in 52 countries.

There is also a new community support site at and the team has a blog with way more info.

All in all, good to see OLW getting a refresh and adding to the global software plus services story.

Comments (2)
  1. Jade says:

    Does this effectively compete with Groove then on a few levels?

  2. stevecla01 says:

    hi Jade – whilst it sounds similar to Groove on some level it’s pretty different in reality as Groove is very focused on the enterprise scenario and also handles sync which OLW doesn’t. OLW also doesn’t have the type of enterprise controls and AD integration Groove has etc.

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