GMail Fail Whale

I know, I know…people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones etc….but the GMail Fail Whale that VentureBeat mocked up today had me smiling – too good not to share and somewhat ironic that the outages were widely reported and tracked via Twitter who’s “fail whale” has become synonymous with their outages in the past.

Did I mention that Microsoft has a Software plus Services approach that mitigates against outages, network interruptions and such? Admittedly so does Google with IMAP and now Offline support now of course.

Microsoft’s approach is to out a rock solid, enterprise ready email service (Exchange) in the cloud. Full launch in Europe isn’t far away now for Microsoft Online and customers such as Coca Cola Enterprises, XL Capital and Energizer are already up and running!

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  1. Ross Dargan says:

    Software + Services would have allowed users to reply to existing emails, and create new ones – but the loss of new emails fails regardless of the approach taken. I wouldn’t say that S+S mitigates against this kind of outage, but it does allow you to continue working a bit.

  2. Tim Rawe says:

    Not wishing to reverse things but Live Mesh seems to have stopped working this afternoon, just when I desperately needed access to a document. Not so sure about this mitigation against outages etc…..

    Seriously I’ve really enjoyed using some of the Live services (like Mesh) and have just committed my active work to its tender care but am concerned if it can fail like this.

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