McKinsey, Twitter, Web 2.0 and Social Media

Two friends sent me links today to McKinsey – one to a report titled Six ways to make Web 2.0 work and the other to the fact that McKinsey are now on Twitter.

The report actually has some useful insights that I shared with a few people in Microsoft who are trying to get greater adoption of Web 2.0 type projects. What I found slightly ironic was the report mentioned blogs, wikis, Facebook liberally but didn’t mention Twitter right until the end….and only to say that's where they wanted to continue the conversation.

It’s a challenge – the web moves so quickly now so McKinsey’s 2 year study is admirable but in 2 years time things change a lot. Surely the days of these types of studies are over? Or are there people out there who still feel the best way to “get the web” is to read a report…whereas those who know just live the web. That’s the real way to get it.

I’d encourage people to read BusinessWeek’s Debunking Six Social Media Myths. The last line is very telling


The tools are there. The gurus who know how to use and interpret them—not so much


That’s why I think people like my pal Paul Fabretti will do well. He’s been at it for a while, is passionate about social media and walks the talk. I’m not so sure as many of these big guys walk the talk like he does.

Anyway, I’m now following McKinsey on Twitter as they can certainly draw a crowd and have smart people in their org who hopefully will be contributing there.

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  1. Daksh says:

    Hi Steve,

    Terrific quote – The tools are there. The gurus who know how to use and interpret them—not so much.

    There is 100% truth in the fact that there are many heads talking about ‘Web2.0’ without actually having much understanding about it.

    Inspired with this and McKinsey I blogged about it ony my blog

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