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Hmm, we’re starting to make a habit of these funky little tech preview – Microsoft Tag, Seadragon for iPhone, Songsmith (ahem) and now Recite.

A few of my friends have recently become addicted to the Getting Things Done techniques and this  looks like a nice addition that I may take advantage of. I need something to get all these thoughts out of my head 🙂

Think of it as an advanced voice recorder that sorts and stores your recordings using voice pattern matching. It analyzes the patterns in your speech and finds matches between two recordings -- the notes you stored on your phone, and the search you do using your voice…from my initial testing it it does a damn good job. Tres handy!

All very high tech and a nice website to go with it.

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  1. northerngeek says:

    Very nice, I have looked for something like this for a while. For my notes I generally use Evernote for it’s cloud capabilites, but wanted to get the hang of OneNote again sooner rather than later. Now it seems I may have another contender.

    A shame it’s not easy to change the voice dialing button on my phone with recite.

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