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Adam has done a sterling job at corralling a fine Microsoft product groups on Twitter though I’d estimate there are at least ten times the amount of Microsoft individuals tweeting – and it’s ramping up each day. Just this week I’ve had over ten new Microsoft followers as the Twitter bug starts to take hold.

As it happens, Adam was the man who originally setup the MSTweeters account to try to track softies on Twitter but it took up too much of his time to verify etc. You can so a rudimentary search on Microsoft folks using the data in their bio (assumes they have Microsoft there) but it also gives you a number of people who have Microsoft there who aren’t Softies. If you’re at all interested try this search on twittergrader.


There are definitely folks there worth following though…here’s a brief list of some of my favourites (if you wanna be added pls let me know…and make sure you have an avatar pls)


Windowsvswalls_normalJeffblankenburgheadshot_normalali perkinsGeorgina LewisChris ParkesBrandon WatsonNuria MontesJohn WestworthDene SchonknechtDazWilkinEwan DaltonMark BloodworthBindi KariaRichard EckelMarc HolmesMel CarsonjamestuttmarkjoTony CocksangusloganAdam KinneyMajor Nelson (Larry)Brandon LeBlanclilichLaura FoyJas DhaliwalKris HoetDare ObasanjoArvindra Sehmibrian gorbettsimongdaviesDick HardtOffBeatMammalMattRbradtippEmma RichardsonMark DeakinJames BlameyPeterDeveryMSPRrobmargelAnnemarie DuffyNxeme_normalEileen_budapest_small_normalMe_on_wrapped_up_warm_normal


Probably just as well we don’t know who precisely from Microsoft is on Twitter though as apparently Twitter is considering charging commercial entities for Twitter use 🙂

Update from @Biz - Nothing To Report Just Yet

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  1. Rob Margel says:

    Steve – feel free to add me @robmargel

  2. aweiss says:

    The Office Resource Kit is on now @MSOfficeResKit, I’m @AndreaWeiss.

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