Donating To Twestival from Twitter

twestival_logo is a very simple and very cool idea to support the Twestival’s going on this week and the You Tweet an amount you’re going to donate and then pay using PayPal etc. The size of your donation determines the size of your name in the Twestival Cloud.

Everyone who donates $20 or more will have their @name appear with a link to their Twitter profile & the top 100+ donors will be lovingly assembled into a beautiful tag cloud which will be printed on the back of the Official Twestival T-Shirt!

See you in London on Thursday night if you’re attending. Big love to BindiK


The mission of Twestival.

Right now 1.1 billion people on the planet don't have access to safe, clean drinking water. That's one in six of us. Many communities in developing nations often have a plentiful supply of clean drinking water just below the ground, but no way to get to it. This is where charity: water and their partner organizations come in. Drilling a well can cost from $4,000 - $12,000 USD and many living on less than $1 a day cannot afford one in their community, even if the money is combined.

On 12 February 2009, 100+ international cities will be hosting a Twestival to bring Twitter communities together in an effort to raise money for charity: water. Twestival is organized 100% by volunteers around the world and 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to support charity: water projects. By rallying together globally, under short timescales, for a single aim on the same day, the Twestival hopes to bring awareness to this global crisis.

Please support the Twestival efforts for charity: water by making a donation, attending an event or participating in one of our many online fundraising activities

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