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I periodically review what search terms bring people to my blog and it continues to surprise me that a search for I’m A PC Stickers is pretty high up the list. I can only conclude people are looking for advice on ways to remove these things from their PC 🙂

Seriously…for years I have said that stickers are one of the most effective and viral social objects so if you are looking for an I’m A PC sticker leave your name here in the comments. I’m trying to see if there really is demand for these things and if so, whether I can help get them dropped from helicopters or something similar.

Oh and if you’re in London this Monday night (Feb 2nd) I may have a few of these things to hand out at The Burlington Arms

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  1. Ryan Hall says:

    Hi Steve,

    Put my name down for a sticker if they are available please 🙂 they will compliment my mug nicely



  2. CLaueR says:

    You fellows from MS France would love to get some of those to give away to customers.

    Or maybe could you provide me with the I’m a PC stickers source file so that I can produce some here locally?


  3. Put me on the sticker list please!



  4. Nuria Montes says:

    Hi Steve, I would like to have a PC stickers, would be really nice to stick it in my PC ; )

    I am sure people demands, and if not…why not to give them in order to feel the like ; )


  5. Ankur Mittal says:

    Hi Steve,Put me in the list



  6. I’m a PC too! 🙂

    Would love to have these stickers!

  7. Rob La Gesse says:

    My laptop just asked me for an "I’m a PC" sticker.  I had no idea what it was referring to, so it browsed me over here.

    I also didn’t realize it had an identity issue – so the sooner I can give it affirmation, the better!

    Thanks, Steve 🙂


  8. Andrew Clark says:

    Hey Steve

    I’d love to get some of these stickers!


  9. Lior Arviv says:

    I’ll glad to be in the sticker list please!



  10. Bryn Morgan says:

    Sticker would be good thanks Steve. 🙂

  11. northerngeek says:

    Is it ok if I want a bunch of these to put on every University of Liverpool PC on campus? Probably not eh?

    I’ll just take 2000 then.

    Seriously, nice idea, and very true, stickers get viral marketting going, I’d be interested.

  12. Sean says:

    count me in, been looking for these too!

  13. Sunshine says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’d love some of those 🙂

    My name? Cornelia

  14. Me. Me. Me.

    (Did I say it enough times?)

    If you’re sending it to several MSFT India folks, you can send it across to me, and I can distribute it here.

  15. Richard Jones says:

    Goes without saying,  I can flood the partner and MVP community with these bad boys.

  16. Steve,

    Please i need some to spread the PC love down here is SA.

    All the geeks have Macs and need to make a stand.

    Have a fab week.


  17. Raido Nigumann says:

    I need some to spread in Estonia, if you get it so far. 🙂

  18. Paul Begley says:


    Yeah, there is interest in the I’m a PC stickers.  I picked one up when I was visiting Building 4 in Redmond, and I wish I picked up more.  I’m from NJ and was on my first trip to Redmond.

    I’m not a marketing guy, I’m an engineer and messaging Architect.  I’m also sort of an in-your-face PC guy, so I want to stick it on my notebook, laptop, kids laptops, car, etc.

    …and then park next to the VW New Beetle with the Apple sticker.


  19. Ross Dargan says:

    Im a PC:)

    If you could send me one that would be great:)



  20. Powerhouse Systems says:

    I would love a stack of the "I’m a PC" sticker’s to give to our customers in Virginia City, NV

  21. brad says:

    yeah my laptop could use another good sticker 🙂

  22. Rich Jones says:

    Hi Steve,

    Yeah, I have a new laptop that requires some decoration!



  23. the andyman says:

    Free stickers! Of course there is demand 😉

    I love some thanks, if you ever get round to sending them out …

  24. alex payne says:

    i’d like some stickers too.

    i think that PC’s are underestimated and their users deprecated. if everyone has one of these and is proud of it, perhaps the image will change

  25. A Claye Jones says:

    Hi, I would love to have a few of them. I’ve been searching for one for a long time now. Def put me down for some.

  26. Tom Basham says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’ll have one if there are any spare – it’ll go nicely with the Blue Monster one 🙂



  27. Nicholas says:

    Here in Southern California, I’d love to see them dropped from the skies. Hah.

  28. Dennis van der Stelt says:

    I want one on my laptop… Here in The Netherlands, Rotterdam, I’d love to see them dropped from the skies. 🙂

  29. okay, sorry for the slow update on this sticker thing. there is cleary demand and I’m trying to find a scalable way of getting these things out there…ideally by asking people on this thread to become a distribution point.

    stay tuned…in the meantime I have some slighly cheezy I’m A PC carrier bag type things. first 5 people to send me email at stevecla AT microsoft.com get one sent to them 🙂


  30. arif says:

    add me to the list of folks wanting some of these stickers

  31. arif says:

    add me to the list of folks wanting some of these stickers

  32. Scott Staggs says:

    Yup, i would love some of these stickers as well.  I will take a few of each color LOL..  

  33. Jonathan says:

    I would love to have a few of these stickers!!

  34. J says:

    I found your site because I was looking for "I’m a PC" sticker for my laptop! Weird I can buy a skateboard in the I’m a PC store but not a role of stickers or a lsingle aptop sticker…

  35. H D Bellis says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes…  I must find the "I’m a PC" stickdes…  

  36. Khalil says:

    Put me on the list too. I totally need it!

  37. Anthony says:

    Hey if you can get the stickers… I am there. Proudly.

  38. Dave Lynn says:

    My Laptop, my desktop, my home server, the wifes laptop, my two boys laptops, my car, my cell phone, and I would all love to sport a I’m a PC sticker. Where can I get them?

  39. Rodrigo Hernandez says:

    Man I want one of these put me down for one!

  40. Patrick Jung says:

    Hey My name is Patrick Jung and I am looking for the Im a PC sticker I live in Nanuet, NY, 10954 USA

  41. DarthNihlus says:

    The best place I’ve found to purchase I’m A PC stickers is atht eh Microsoft Merchandise Store. Yes – Apparently they have a store where you can get branded items.

    They also have lots of I’m a PC stuff, T-Shirts, stickers, mugs, Pens and even Glowing Yo-Yos – Whoo-Hooo!!

    Check it out here–>


    Now – Where is my referral?

    Good luck,


  42. stevecla01 says:

    thanks for the link – hadn’t seen that before though not surprised with a URL like that 🙂

    I have some of those stickers as it happens. they’re the small variety (about the size of a postage stamp). great for folks in the US but I’d also like to see us figure our a way to get these at low (or no) cost to other countries.

    I hope to have progress soon!

  43. Steve Syfuhs says:

    These stickers are awesome.  I have a hat from TechDays with "I’m a PC" on it…greatest takeaway of the whole event!

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