No Beta 2 for Windows 7


That’s right, there will be no beta 2 for Windows 7 – it’ll go direct from here to Release Candidate (RC). As Joe Wilcox noted, our Windows 7 chief Steven Sinofsky posted this on the Engineering Windows 7 blog last night


The next milestone for the development of Windows 7 is the Release Candidate or 'RC'. Historically the Release Candidate has signalled 'we're pretty close and we want people to start testing the release, especially because all the features are done.' As we have said before, with Windows 7 we chose a slightly different approach which we were clear up front about and are all now experiencing together and out in the open


For those not used to all this alpha, beta, RC jargon lets just cut to the chase. Windows 7 even in beta 1 form is looking pretty solid so the leap direct to RC means we’re closing in quickly on RTM. Oh….that means Release to Manufacture and signals a large party in Redmond….and elsewhere 🙂 …and then on to GA (General Availability) which means you can go to a shop and buy a PC with Windows 7 on.

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