The Alternative Stephen Fry Gathering


[update] Just got a nod (well DM) of approval from the man himself



My pal Tony Cocks and I have concluded that Stephen Fry’s appearance at ye olde Apple Shoppe in London this coming Monday is likely to be a mob scene. We’re still going to try to make it in but in the event of a failure we’re thinking of decamping to The Burlington Arms which has the following benefits

  1. We’ll likely be able to hear Stephen’s booming voice from there
  2. They serve beer which last time I looked the Apple Store doesn’t
  3. I’m confident there will be an open Wifi AP nearby so we can live Tweet the event
  4. I’m assuming Stephen will be reading Tweets during the event and will then obviously decamp to be with the Twitterers at said ale house

So…see you there on Monday. I’ll be the one with a PC 🙂

  • address:21 Old Burlington Street, W1S 2JL
  • nearest station: Oxford Circus
  • Details & Map



Comments (1)

  1. Biggestinterviewmistakes says:

    What is it about finding out that Stephen Fry uses Twitter that made him so much cooler? 🙂

    Not that I didn’t like him before, on the contrary. He has always been great. Super funny in Blackadder.

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