Windows 7: 2.5m Download Limit Removed


The Windows guys listened and my pal Brandon wrote a post on their team blog yesterday saying Here’s where we stand. Given the unprecedented demand for Windows 7 has led the team to remove the previous limit of 2.5 million downloads they had set. They’ve now extended the download to two weeks (until Jan 24th) so if you still haven’t managed to get it and want to, that should leave plenty of time. I’m “upgrading” every machine in the house and encouraging all of my friends to do the same upgrade a PC as most of them have more than one.

My advice: if you can, you should. (upgrade ONE machine that is…not suggesting you u/g all of them)

Go grab it from 

NB: The file you will download is an ISO. If you’re not familiar with burning an ISO, I’d highly recommend Adrian Kingsley-Hughes' excellent post on this.

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  1. "Upgrading every machine in the house"?  Presumably you are happy this build is close enough to the final one that this is a reasonable thing to do?  I wouldn’t want my daughter saying she couldn’t play SIMS or my son not play Age of Empires (and do homework stuff too I’m sure 😉

    Are there any gotcha’s we should be aware of if I bite the bullet too?  Can we assume that if a machine runs Vista, Windows 7 will be good too?



  2. Mauricio says:

    Hi Steve,

    Just one comment on the download of Windows 7. I was trying to download it using the download manager (well, there is no other way, right?) but the download never started. As I am running Vista, I tried to run IE with Admin rights and only then it worked. So if someone else is having this issue, now you know how to solve it! 🙂

    Regards from Brazil,


  3. stevecla01 says:

    Ian – I’m saying I am upgrading all my machines but not suggesting everyone does the same for suport reasons if nothign else.

    if the machine runs Vista you’ll be fine from a h/w point of view but sofwtare compat I can’t be assured of hence best to upgrade one if you can and see how you go.


  4. BRF says:

    I’ve been using Windows 7 and the only compatibility issues I have run into are from some virtual drive programs that don’t work correctly. However, I’ve found many that work fine so it’s hardly an issue. I’ve been able to play farcry 2, world of warcraft, call of duty 5, GTA 4, fallout 3, and plenty more games. I’ve also been using all of the office suite 2007 as well as every adobe CS4 program with no problems at all. I’m actually happier with this build of windows than any other build at any point in time, and this is just a beta.

  5. Nicholas says:

    Doesn’t the beta not really allow you to "go live/upgrade" when the final version comes out? I’d imagine you’d want to pave your machine(s) and start over.

  6. stevecla01 says:

    Nicholas – it’s not clear yet what the upgrade path will be but if the beta is anything to go by you should be able to do a clean install and all the old stuff goes in to windows.old – normal procedure really for Windows.

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