Windows 7: The Beta Is Here


Okay you all sorta knew this was coming but yes, it’s here. Windows 7 beta 1 is available for download from MSDN/Technet and will be broadly available for all from Friday onwards I believe.

I’ve been running this build for a few weeks now and it’s outstanding. I have it on a Vaio TZ and a Samsung NC10 Netbook and it works beautifully on both.

What’s To Like?

  • speed. the overall system just feels snappier
  • stability. can’t put my finger on it but again, it feels more stable than Vista (even SP1)
  • fit and finish. this is what I wanted in Vista. Some of the UI touches like Aero Peek, Aero Shake, the display control panel, jump lists, desktop preview are all elegant and simple.
  • UAC is now under your control at the click of a mouse


The reviews on the web of builds of Windows 7 that have leaked out have been solid. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this build and now the march is on to get this baby out of the door. Some things I’m hoping for at RTM

  • a more snazzy boot screen. That’s the geek in me
  • an even faster version of IE8
  • one new killer feature I hope they’re hiding. I have no clue here but something tells me there is more to come

If you have an MSDN or Technet subscription you can go grab it now. If not, sit tight for 48 hours…it’s worth it…but, bear in mind the download will be limited to 2.5m downloads which ain’t much these days. Also the beta will expire on August 1st, 2009. Just so ya know!

Comments (2)

  1. "stability. can’t put my finger on it but again, it feels more stable than Vista (even SP1)"

    Running Neta 1 now for couple of days on my production machine (what better way to test it). I have the same feeling stability wise. I think some of is the perception of something new and I must say the compatibilty with drivers is 99,999999 %. I only have one Lenovo ThinkVantage feature complaining …

  2. Abu Bakr says:

    great! i’m posting this on my blog right now! 😀

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