New Year’s Resolution Generator

Struggling to come up with a New Year’s resolution? Struggle no more thanks to Monina Velarde’s New Years Resolution Generator via SwissMiss

10 most notable logos of 2009

Confession: I’m a bit of a logo geek. A friend of mine used to have this great party on Boxing Day and have a competition where they’d put a load of logos on paper around the house and there would be a competition to see who could correctly identify the most logos. I often won…


50 Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

Did you get a new PC for Christmas or a copy of Windows 7? As with all operating systems, there are a tonne of tips and tricks to tweak and I’ve yet to see a better guide than Vasu Jain’s. It contains 50+ tips and tricks all in an easy to read format with a…


The decade in graphic form

Courtesy of the NY Times and Phillip Niemeyer.  I’m just getting my glut of infoporn out of the way before2010

The Generation Game

A handy reference guide to the generations – from

The World’s Most Profitable Companies

  BillShrink’s World’s Most Profitable Companies makes for an interesting addition to my growing Infoporn collection.


New Hugh cards

Just ordered myself some new biz cards for Christmas. Streetcards has a tonne of new cards up from Hugh

Christmas social media logos

Loving these Christmas logos from ReflectionOf.Me


Beautiful. Made by artisans for artists. I love the phrase they use in this video – “a camera like your eye”. Reassuringly expensive too!