The Girl Effect

Two different friends (both guys) sent this video to me this week. An amazing, thought provoking video and an noble cause. 

Thanks Douglas and Jeremy.

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  1. northerngeek says:

    Not to sound like a jerk or anything but I hate the oversimplification that comes with most charities. Multiply that by 600 million girls? Unlikely.

    If things were this simple they’d have been done already, let’s work on educating those who think that they’re the educated ones- the people against GM food (that can feed the world’s population) and rally the 3rd world to not accept huge volumes of food that could stop people starving NOW… rather than a dream that relies on herbivores saving the world.

  2. I usually hang @ says:

    Ouch, that video was beautiful.

    I agree with Northerngeek to some extent, and northernGeek I don’t think you sound like a jerk at all, when taking these thoughts into consideration there’s always going to be realistic facts that will arise some negative issues.

    The only problem with gm food is the negative issues it takes on the environment.

    What about creating cloning research facilities in 3rd world countries. Working into cloning sets of herds, then storing the dna of each animal on a global 3rd world database. Then you can define which animals should not mate because of diseases as a result of incest.

    If you could control the GM, so only the herd could access the GM food. Then you would have enough GM crop to feed the vast sets of animals you are cloning.

    Maybe I am being a little over enthusiastic in idea’s?

  3. JessicaMeats says:

    There’s a slight issue with scaling this up. If you give every girl enough money to buy a cow, no one would buy the milk. And you can’t get every girl in the country growing up and going on the town council or the council would be half the town. While it sounds wonderful in principle, the fact remains that if things were that simple, no one would ever be poor. Reality has a nasty habit of disrupting plans.

  4. kellip says:

    wow, what cynicism.  

    i agree with Steve, this video is a really well-done piece of thought-provoking advocacy to raise our attention to the fact that it doesn’t take much to make one other person’s world a little better.  change starts with one action and while its true, life isn’t that simple, if we don’t start with one action, how can we hope that anything will ever change for the people who need it most?

    i really appreciate that a non-profit is incorporating modern design principals to capture the imagination and attention (of most).  my question is really – did it work?

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