Melinda and Bill Gates: Saving Lives


“For those to whom much is given, much is expected” – the words of Bill’s late mother.


Sort of spooky the way I read a tweet from James Tutt about this piece in The Times tomorrow right as I was posting the Girl Effect video you see below this post. They’re very related.

Melinda and Bill Gates: saving lives is an amazing profile. It really focuses in on Melinda and she just moved in to my Top 5 people I’d want to find myself sat next to on a long plane flight.

It really doesn’t matter what you think about Bill Gates but after you read this (which I hope you do) you can’t help but be impressed and inspired by the work he and his wife are doing alongside others like Bono and Buffet. With no pomp or ceremony they’re saving millions of lives and changing the world.

Terrific journalism and a breathtaking story.  

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  1. Boo says:

    The quote isn’t from his mother, originally at least.;&version=9;

  2. I usually hang @ says:

    I still find it fascinating that a family with enough money to do anything they want with their remaining timeline on eartch is taking this time to identify the problems in the world and fix them where possible given the resources at hand.

    I think it’s a brilliant initiative to inspire to others taking the time to read of their efforts.

    “For those to whom much is given, much is expected”

    Perfectly placed Steve, reminding us of what being human is all about.

    Thanks, it was a beautiful blog entry.

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