10 Reasons The Zune Beats The iPod. Seriously.


Okay, we know that the Zune doesn’t beat the iPod where it matters (sales) so this is sort of like BetaMax/VHS but the Zune really is an increasingly impressive device. I’m beginning to wonder if it’ll become the cult device that is sort of cooler than the iPod but not as popular. Sound familiar?

I had the original Zune and to be honest I didn’t use it as much as my iPod but with my new Zune and in particular the new desktop software and social.zune.com make the whole Zune experience really rather good. 

A much better explanation is offered by Jeff in his 10 Reasons The Zune Beats The iPod. Seriously

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  1. Paul says:

    Number one reason the iPod beats the Zune? You can get it in most countries :/

  2. Simple Simon says:

    Its called the iPod Classic for a reason.  

    Apple have moved on.  Let me know when the Zune can browse the web, IM, give me driving/walking/public transport directions, play 1000 games, track my runs and workouts, post photos to Facebook, check the weather, browse YouTube, tweet, catch up on RSS feeds, sync to Evernote, play the Ocarina, explore Google Earth, stream media from my PC/laptop to the device, browse thousands of internet radio stations, chat in IRC, VNC to my Mac, book a table at a restaurant, and work out the tip for the restaurant 🙂

  3. Christopher Morgan [AVV] says:

    Once I can get a Zune card in the UK I’ll feel the love even more… better still, please start selling them in the UK!

    The games are great, the Xbox integration is pretty slick and overall I’m really enjoying the Zune 120 that I won at PDC 🙂  My old Zune 30 is now being enjoyed by my girlfriend (though Hexic eats the battery).  Being able to sync up 2 zunes at once is fabulous.  A shame that even with 3.1 there are still issues regarding square brackets in album/folder names and multi-disc albums.

  4. Simple James says:

    Simon, let me know when Apple allow 3rd party software developers write whatever they want for the iPhone/iPod touch without having to go through an unknown set of barriers.  

    3rd party developers spend money on development only to find out that their application is denied at the last minute.  I asked an Apple Evangelist last week what their criteria was, he wasn’t allowed to tell me!

  5. Simple Simon says:

    "Simon, let me know when Apple allow 3rd party software developers write whatever they want for the iPhone/iPod touch without having to go through an unknown set of barriers. "

    good luck developing third party apps for the Zune.   Let me know when I can buy your app on the Zune Marketplace.

  6. northerngeek says:

    I discovered today that I must be a huge Zune user as I supposedly have "earned" 53 badges… and I just thought I was a casual music listener.

    I must say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Zune, it’s an example of UI done right, the Ipod classic suffers because of it’s legacy- the menus appear cluttered and the click wheel just isn’t up to it anymore, however as Simon pointed out they have moved on. For me however it’s ALL about the subscription music and partially to do with the fact that I love MS, although the only thing I own solely due to MS fanboyism is my WinMo device…. which it turns out is pretty useful.

  7. I resisted the Zune for quite a while. After all, it had to be just a lame iPod knock-off right?

    Then my iPod died. Now warning. Just died. and I thought why the heck not. I’ll get a little 8Gb Zune…. and I never looked back.

    The little one travels everywhere with me, and I now have an 80GB that lives in my car [http://tinyurl.com/5sv4bc]

    The games are great, ZunePass is an amazing way to get music and the wireless sync is just so easy. I love that the older and smaller capacity models have just the same support and capabilities… always felt let down when Apple dropped the previous model like they were embarrased (hmmm… 4 generations of design flaws makes back-compat hard I guess!)

  8. I absolutely love my Zune 120 (if only for Texas Hold’Em on the commute). Add my voice to the call for access to the store from the UK…

  9. someow I knew this post would draw some interesting comments. Good to hear the glowing support for Zune but I agree with Paul that availabilt is the main restriction. Having spoken with the Zune team I understand why and support their approach.

    Simon – the point wasn’t really to compare the Zune with the iTouch or iPhone and if we were to compare like for like we’d compare Pocket PC to the touch and Smartphone to the iPhone. One some things we’re better (imho) and on some things we’re worse. If we compare music player to music player, I think the original arguments in this post standup.

    What I found most interesting was your approach in the response. move the goalposts and throw a lot of additional arguments in. Microosft used to do that a lot and it’s interesting to see Apple fans do the same. Smartphone does pretty much all of the things you claim Zune doesn’t and to be honest I dont’t think that’s why people by an iPhone. I think they buy it because it’s a great looking device that is very well marketed and very well designed both in UI and overall experience. Plus the industrial design is very elegant and it’s available through a great consumer channel (Apple Stores).

    If I were an Apple fan (and I am actually), that is how I would have replied. Microsoft does features very very well….it’s some of the other areas where we need to compete better with Apple.

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