The London Twitter Elite

The latest toy for the Twitter kids – get your rank at – I was also pleasantly surprised to find myself at #27 in the Twitter London Elite ranking. I guess the village aint so big after all…but as all the kool kidz find this little tool and change their location to London the…


Melinda and Bill Gates: Saving Lives

  “For those to whom much is given, much is expected” – the words of Bill’s late mother.   Sort of spooky the way I read a tweet from James Tutt about this piece in The Times tomorrow right as I was posting the Girl Effect video you see below this post. They’re very related….


The Girl Effect

Two different friends (both guys) sent this video to me this week. An amazing, thought provoking video and an noble cause.  Thanks Douglas and Jeremy.


Five Strategies Microsoft Got Right…And What It Teaches

Directions on Microsoft published an interesting list this week – Five Strategies Microsoft Got Right. I wont steal their thunder by adding all the details but here are the chosen 5 Software Is King Outsource Your Sales Force Technology for the Masses Developers, Developers, Developers! The Long View It’s a pretty good list. In fact…


Ballmer Talks To Students – No Eggs Thrown!

In this video from a recent session SteveB had with UK students he talked about nobody ever watching the video afterwards. He also mentioned how the UK audience didn’t hurl eggs 🙂 It’s actually a pretty good and candid session with Steve – he talks about how primitive computing and meetings are today and how…


Small Business growth with Microsoft

Video: Sky News Live I saw my pal Dan Scarfe of DotNet Solutions quoted in The Sunday Times last weekend and it seems like he’s in demand appearing here on Sky News. Dan talks about the impact of the current environment on small businesses and how tough it is but also notes 40% growth in…


Microsoft, Google and Cloud Wars

[image credit NY Times] BusinessWeek published an interesting take on the brewing data center wars this week. They interviewed Debra Chrapaty, our Corporate Vice President of Global Foundation Services who is pretty bullish about our plans and progress. Some of the nuggets I took away Debra says that "Google has done a great job of…


10 Reasons The Zune Beats The iPod. Seriously.

Okay, we know that the Zune doesn’t beat the iPod where it matters (sales) so this is sort of like BetaMax/VHS but the Zune really is an increasingly impressive device. I’m beginning to wonder if it’ll become the cult device that is sort of cooler than the iPod but not as popular. Sound familiar? I…


O’Reilly Favours Ozzie at Tech Czar

  I almost missed this one on the BBC but a pal in Redmond pinged it to me – Tim O’Reilly suggesting Ray Ozzie as Obama’s technology czar. Lots of names have been suggested but it’s the first time I’ve heard Ray’s name for this post and Tim has more cred to make a suggestion…