The Standard Has Your Back




Final few hours in LA – I’m hitting Santa Monica for the last hours of sun in the City of Angels. If I’m ever back I’ll stay at The Standard again. The staff aint the best but the place has a great sense of humour. I found the motivational speaker button too hard to resist. Fluffer was not used.

Comments (3)

  1. Colm Brophy says:

    Did Paul Dawson turn up as your motivational speaker? He’ll take any excuse.

  2. Paul Dawson says:

    I did turn up, but as the uninvited party guest to crash a halloween party on the roof!

    What Steve failed to post is the rather large image painted on the wall of the shared handwashing area of the public toilets… that took me somewhat by surprise!

  3. Gotta say there was a lot of nice-ness at The Standard, but the maid service sucked. First day they took my toothpaste. Second day they took my shampoo, and third day they took my toothbrush. I’m sure they were just messing with me for throwing away so much SWAG.

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