Microsoft Goes Guerilla In Birmingham

  [image credit AppleInsider] Surprisingly we’re not talking Birmingham, Mass here – we’re talking Birmingham, West Midlands. My pal Karl would be proud of this guerilla action is his old neighbourhood. Some my say it’s a prank but I think this stuff is long overdue. I was in the US last week and didn’t seen…


Bye Bye PDC

and from here on, you shall be know as the Azure PDC


The Standard Has Your Back

Final few hours in LA – I’m hitting Santa Monica for the last hours of sun in the City of Angels. If I’m ever back I’ll stay at The Standard again. The staff aint the best but the place has a great sense of humour. I found the motivational speaker button too hard to resist….


Download: Azure Services Training Kit

My buddy Dave Lemphers posted about the Azure Services Training Kit this week. Great content, including hands-on labs, samples and sdks etc. If you’re jumped up about Azure after this week, go grab it.


The Blue Monster has a great 2nd birthday in LA

[Blue Monster PDC edition]  The PDC is winding down and it’s been a hell of a week. A week of so many coincidences for me. For a birthday week it’s been incredibly memorable. 5 years ago I was at PDC and also had my birthday here – I had dinner in the same place this…


The Ozzman Cometh

Ray Ozzie: Reflections on Azure Charles sits down to talk PDC, Azure and t-shirts with Ray. For those of you in the UK I hope you got to see Ray on the BBC News too!


A Platform for the Next Technology Revolution

Steve Ballmer lays out our Software plus Services announcements and ambitions in an executive email titled A Platform for the Next Technology Revolution. It’s a pretty solid read if you want to know what this S+S thing I rattle on about is all about. He explains it very well, especially the power of choice. Chris…


Microsoft Office – now in a browser

  We just announced here at PDC our Office Web Applications – yep, Office is coming to the browser. I’ll write more on this later but one thing I’ll say up front is this is a very capable version of Office. Much more so than Google Docs IMHO and yes, they will work in IE,…


Live Mesh for Mac and Windows Mobile

  I’ve been playing with both for a while and today at the PDC we just announced they’re coming his week to the rest of the world Maybe even today Live Mesh….synchronising life is their tagline and now that life can exist beyond the PC.