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There you have it….the latest part of the campaign is live. What do you think?

Mike Arrington is getting plenty of feedback on his post and of the ads he says “still digesting, but Microsoft may have done something really smart here”

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  1. Is it me or does the speed of the second ad make everyone sound like they’re saying "I’m pissy?" Just askin’

  2. Sprague D says:

    Long overdue, but finally here. There are an awful lot of PC users who are proud of the work they do on the Windows platform. Now we don’t have to be embarrassed to admit it.

  3. I like them. Especially 2 and 3. I dig the diversity and global perspective. Brilliant and VERY representative of the Microsoft user community.

    I hope people start making their own – which is probably the goal on some level, I imagine. Very clever.

    Well done. It’s pretty sweet to finally be able to declare "I’m a PC."

  4. stevecla01 says:

    olivier – I think the plan at Windows.com is to help people post their own. I’ll check.

    meantime, someone already has an "I’m a PC" badge site up at http://krazier.com/iampc/iampc.html

  5. stevecla01 says:

    dennis – what can i say…you make me laugh dude 🙂

  6. Gareth says:


    Yes, "pissy" said in a french accent.

    I am truly disappointed that Microsoft, even MSR couldn’t cough up a guy with a beard and had to outsource one.

    Shame on you 😉

    (Going by the fact that MS employees had a mail address)


  7. gregorylent says:

    here is the way the meeting went …

    hey, you know that dancing guy went around the world, the youtube hit?  let’s do that, except we’ll have them say something about a pc …

    yeah, cool, let’s do that …  

    what should we budget? …

    hey, dude, it is microsoft, first class all the way, and then add a couple of zeros …

    done, write up the spec.

  8. Susan says:

    I like the ads…I also liked the quirky ones with Seinfeld and BG.

    {sigh} Oh well…

  9. Jonathan Allen says:

    It’s about time that MS played to their strengths for a change.

  10. John_Howarth says:

    Very, very clever…

    …and about time too.

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