HP TouchSmart Advert – not quite viral

Wow…beautiful ad but they missed an opportunity here – notice I had to go find this on YouTube to share it with you? Like many other big corporate they didn’t have “embed video” code on their own site where this video resides. Crazy….if you have cool stuff, the #1 rule on the web is help people share it for you. That’s what makes a viral video, not a “share” link that only allows me to spam my friends with an email link to your site.

10/10 for the ad, 1/10 for the ability to share.

Comments (1)

  1. Quintius says:

    I’d give the ad 4/10. Some interesting effects that have nothing apparent to do with a computer. I sitting at my computer, but it didn’t make me want to go to their web site to find out more nor search on Google to find out about it.

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