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[images from Daily Mail]

Long term followers of this blog will know I’m something of a Paul Smith fan (fanatic may be the right word actually but I digress…) and was recently invited to contribute to the Dedicated Follower of Fashion blog.

Last week Harvey Nichols brought these two worlds together as they teamed up with Nick Park to get Wallace and Gromit help promote their new store in Bristol. I picked this up via the The Daily Mail Online and love the advert above with Wallace and Gromit resplendent in their Paul Smith kit. You can also check out Lady Campanula Tottington from Curse Of The Were-Rabbit in a “black draped dress by Alexander McQueen, fabulous red patent shoes by Christian Louboutin and a metallic bronze ‘Puffy’ bag by Zagliani”. Marvelous daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahling. A second photo of the dynamic duo shows them pictured for the campaign sporting Ray Bans, Alexander McQueen navy cashmere and silk suit along with a Dolce & Gabbana fitted white shirt and a Giorgio Armani tie.

I know this is wildly off topic but I know at least 3 people who will find this post interesting 🙂 For the rest, enjoy some multimedia by watching how the adverts were made

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