Microsoft Office Labs releases Chart Advisor


Ever wanted to know what is the best chart type to represent the data set you have in Excel? Chart Advisor is here to help.

The folks at Office Labs don’t rest on their laurels and have been busy building an advanced rules engine that scans your data for properties that inherently make good charts.  They then use that analysis to pick different chart types that will render graphs conveying useful information. With that magic done, Chart Advisor chooses some good combinations and presents them as small thumbnail previews in the recommendation gallery.

Groovy. Download it now

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  1. northerngeek says:

    Bravo Office Labs Team.

    Normally I nitpick products (because I care*), but this is something that I can see being genuinely helpful to a lot of people, the interface is simple enough and the results are polished.

    Well done indeed.

    *= The term nitpicking comes from the way female apes groom their mates and remove nits from their hair, it proves their loyalty and devotion to the mate- this really is a sign of how much I like Microsoft, nothing else!

  2. Jorge Camoes says:

    Column pyramid charts. 3D exploded flying pie charts. Dundas. Excel chart defaults. Can we trust Microsoft to select the best chart for us? I don’t think so. I’m very skeptical, but I’ll try it.

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