Microsoft’s Office Labs releases Email Prioritizer


Well the OfficeLabs team are on a tear – no sooner had the traffic my blog peaked regarding pptPlex last week than they ship another goodie - Email Prioritizer. Hat tip to Todd Bishop for finding this one. What is it?


Email Prioritizer is a plug-in for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (running on Exchange Server) that helps you manage email overload. This concept test provides a “do not disturb” button that temporarily pauses new email arrival, and prioritizes email with a 0-3 star rating system. We hope this prototype helps you focus on the emails that are most important to you.


This’ll be popular inside Microsoft for sure 🙂


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  1. Brad Meador says:

    Steve – I invite you and your readers to give our Outlook add-in a try.  Here’s a post comparing Email Prioritizer to ClearContext Personal: .

    If you’re interested in trying out the ClearContext beta, sign up using invite code ‘prioritizer’ at

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