Microsoft OfficeLabs releases pptPlex

Video: An Overview of pptPlex

Wow the OfficeLabs guys are on a good run of late. Hot on the heels of SpeedLaunch they released pptPlex today.

Taking inspiration from the Plex technology used in the Bill Gates’s TouchWall demonstration at the CEO Summit, OfficeLabs have created a prototype that allows people to have similar zooming capabilities using Office PowerPoint 2007. With pptPlex you can show slides on a zoomable canvas moving around the canvas to show groups of slides, individual slides, or zoom in to display a particular section of a slide. Cool….off to play!


[update] WOW!!!!!!!!! I played and I LOVE IT – this is the biggest PowerPoint revolution in a long time.

Comments (4)

  1. William Lovins says:

    I’ve seen a lot of presentations over the years and I’m not a fan of most PowerPoint presentations. It comes from the fact that it (PPT) isn’t very interactive and so annoyingly linear that going back a few slides to refer back to previous data quickly isn’t convenient – especially when you have a lot of information to present. Additionally, I will be fair in that a lot of people tend to abuse PowerPoint for conveying massive amounts of information where Word would have been more appropriate.

    But… after seeing this video – I have definitely changed a lot of my opinions of PowerPoint. That is one of the most interesting and useful things I’ve seen in a very long time and the concept is wonderful. I am going to test it and recommend that a few others check it out. If it gets good reviews/feedback, will it be included as a part of the next release of MS Office, or as an add-on? Either way, this looks very useful. Great work everyone!

  2. Jas Dhaliwal says:

    "It’s like Deep Zoom for PowerPoint!!"  This Rocks!

    Hoping this makes into future Office versions.

  3. PalotasB. says:

    +1 on please-integrate-it-into-office-14.

    It is super-awesome 🙂

  4. anonymous says:

    lol..PowerPoint is only for business users. No use for students and end users. We’re stuck in 2008 with bulleted-style presentations. Look at Apple’s Keynote. 3D transitions, 3D effects. MS have Windows PRESENTATION Foundation. Why not create a from scratch app in WPF?

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