Live Search gets a new home page

In the US only it seems for now – I like it though and the Live Search blog has all the details. Be sure to check out the hotspots

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  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    So on the downside, Live Search still blows. On the upside, there are pretty pictures to calm you as you boil in frustration of not being able to find information you are looking for on the Internet.

    What is so sad is that the Live Search sucks so bad for searching Microsoft information. The only time I ever use it is on brand new servers when I’m doing testing/deployment and need to grab a quick kb article or utility. I take a stab or two at Live Search and then off to Google Search and make it default.

    And without search, nothing else matters much. I think thats the key reason in being so disappointing, because in some solutions (maps) it is head and shoulders above Google but nobody will ever know.


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