The BBC Goes All Cloudy


The BBC is really getting its geek on this week. Not satisfied with a load of Bill Gates coverage surrounding their Money Programme special, they covered Cloud Computing on Click this week. For those not familiar, Click is the BBC’s technology show that takes geekspeak like mine and makes it real for the man and woman in the street.

I’ve mentioned a few times that cloud computing is set to be this years buzzword but there is also a lot of genuine excitement behind the hype. Spencer Kelly of Click went in search of some answers, spurred on my Apple’s use of a cloud in the logo for MobileMe.

Stephen Partridge from Adobe says “The both of best worlds will come when those desktop applications work really well with cloud services”. Indeed Stephen, something we call Software plus Services. 









Google Docs is also highlighted as an example of cloud computing as is Jooce though I was surprised Spencer didn’t get in touch to discuss Live Mesh. The BBC even have some pre-canned footage of me talking about it and Cloud Computing that was left on the cutting room floor for the Money Programme. Interestingly Mesh didn’t appear in their favourites list which I guess is fair given it’s still in Tech Preview.

Anyway…should you be keen to find out more about Mesh and the cloud check out my interview on the BBC’s competitor, Sky News 🙂

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  1. Herbert Kim says:

    Hi Steve,

    Was a regular thunderhead of cloud activity over the weekend.

    Eric Schmidt was in London on Saturday preaching the cloud’s eventual overthrow of the desktop to about 500 Princeton alums based in the UK. Fittingly, the preaching was happening in a Methodist Church – Central Hall in Westminster. Basically, his talk could be summarised – "The Cloud: Come Join Us; It’s Much Safer in Here".

    Not surprisingly, one of the funnier takes on the cloud comes from Fake Steve…

  2. Mark Glover says:

    As a regular viewer of Click for about 5 years now (remember when it was called Click Online?!) I caught this episode at the weekend and found it rather exciting.

    Didn’t Microsoft propose a similar system for Office and other software a few years back? Hailstorm i think it was called. Wanted to do away with hard copies of software and compatability problems between versions by having an always up to date web based suite.

    That’s how I remember it anyway 🙂

  3. stevecla01 says:

    love it Herb – thanks for the link to FSJ 🙂

  4. stevecla01 says:

    ah yes Mark….Hailstorm. An idea before its time 🙂

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