I just stumbled across today – a clever site that is launching across the UK at the moment – in Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham and Portsmouth so far but they’re widening their reach. Their aim is to bring some big business advertising clout to a wider audience and they’re using Virtual Earth to do it. Here’s how it works


  1. Enter your postcode, town or area and set how wide you want your catchment area
  2. Then select whether you want to advertise on posters or buses
  3. Hover over the resulting map to show locations available, costs and footfall
  4. Create your add and set your campaign off and running


Very cool. I’m presenting to some small businesses this Thursday in Leicester at the NLab Social Networks Conference so may include this.

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  1. Sammi Edwards says: are actually holding an outdoor advertising masterclass in Birmingham on 26th June (only a couple of weeks!) so if anyone is interested, it’s free! Plus there is an opportunity for a small business within the Midlands to win £1,000 worth of free advertising!

    You can sign up to it on their website:

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