Microsoft’s PDC Points To The Cloud


I’ll be at the Professional Developers Conference in late October and I’m looking forward to it a lot. There will be much to share, not least on Live Mesh, so lets take a look at some of the scheduled sessions to see what PDC 2008 holds.

  • A Day in the Life of a Cloud Service Developer
  • A Lap Around Building Block Services
  • Architecting Services for the Cloud
  • Architecture of the Building Block Services
  • Developing and Deploying Your First Cloud Service
  • Live Platform: Building Mesh Applications
  • Live Platform: Mesh Services Architecture Deep Dive
  • Live Platform: New Developer Services and API’s
  • Scalable, Available Storage in the Cloud
  • Under the Hood: Architecture of Storage in the Cloud
  • Under the Hood: Building SQL Server Data Services

I told you “cloud” was going to be a big word this year. Not just for the industry but for Microsoft too. Here are the session details for just one of the above sessions.

Developing and Deploying Your First Cloud Service

In this session, we'll take a tour of the capabilities of Microsoft's cloud platform by building and running a simple service using the platform SDK. The sample service will highlight some of the features of the platform including computation, service management, storage, and integrated developer experience. This is a demo-heavy session.

I think we’re in for a very, very big PDC.

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  1. domenico says:

    I wait PDC for see Windows 7 😀

    Go microsoft!!!!

  2. Hot on the heels of my Cloud Computing post about PDC sessions , it looks like Windows 7 is going to

  3.   You’re going to be bored to death by Cloud Computing by the end of this year (if not earlier)

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