Mini Dell


Maybe I won’t get one of these Asus EEE PC’s after all…Gizmodo has the details, albeit brief but this looks great. Dell also put some shots up on their blog

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  1. Jas Dhaliwal says:

    The words I’m looking for rhyme with clucking bell…

    I just ordered the HP 2133   –

    It is arriving in 4 days.  It has a crap 1.6Ghz VIA processor, but runs Vista.  The machine looks gorgeous and appears to be spiritually descended from Apple’s 12" Powerbook

    My little eee Asus has been *procured* by my sister.

    These little laptops are great for travelling…

    If there’s anyone from Dell reading this comment, I’d be happy to test/review this little red Inspiron!!

  2. nancy says:

    so where & when can I get this little red Inspiron?

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