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Kris pointed me to this blog posting by Steven Verbruggen who decided to take SteveB up on his assertion that he reads his own email by sending him an email with some questions around our developer products.

Hats off to the boss – he replied and redirected Steven to S. Somasegar who subsequently followed up on the blog and then in the comments with this:

Over the last several years, we have tried to be more engaged and transparent with the community. That is definitely something that I have been a big proponent of in the Developer Division at Microsoft.

Also, Steve is usually pretty good at responding to people who reach out to him with suggestions, thoughts and ideas.

- somasegar



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  1. Thx for picking this up Steve.

    Respect Indeed!


    (it’s Verbruggen BTW :))

  2. jamiet says:

    Steve invited us MVPs at the recent MVP summit to email him with any questions. I did so ("When will Zune be relesed in Europe?") and got back a reply later that day.

    Ray Ozzie said the same. I’m still waiting for a reply from him 🙂


  3. I had a similar experience at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver last year.

    There was a networking tool that you could use to request meetings with attendees, whether external, or from Microsoft.  Steve Guggenheimer (at that time, GM of App Platform and Dev Marketing) had made himself available on the tool, so I asked if he would like a meeting.

    He replied quickly and even though he was very busy at the conference, he sat down with me for a good half hour (just before his keynote rehearsal!) and we discussed a wide range of topics.  He really impressed me with his depth of knowledge of the products at a technical level (for a marketing guy) and also his willingness to get feedback from a longtime Microsoft ISV partner on where Microsoft helped and when they hindered.

    I have found Microsoft to be very approachable and receptive to good feedback.  Steve C himself is a good example of that.

    I want to use this opportunity to thank Chris Parkes, from Microsoft UK, for having a drink and a chat and generally making me feel welcome at the Microsoft UK party at the Partner Conference last year when I knew hardly anyone from Microsoft UK.  It can be pretty grim going to these events alone.

    This year should be easier (other than the horrible Houston climate) – are you going Steve?


  4. Laura A. Bullard says:

    Hey Ballmer,

    Why don’t you respond to me = unless taking Google down is off your radar now….nah

  5. stevecla01 says:

    Yep,I’ll be there Gareth – can’t wait to sample the heat of Houston….urrgh!


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