Wine is a social lubricant

My buddy Jason Korman says “wine is a social lubricant” in this excerpt from Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. Click play above to hear and see the Groundswell site for some more audio clips. Having quaffed some good Stormhoek produce with Jason and Co. I can heartily agree 🙂

Is the social lubricant sounds familiar, Jason’s partner in crime/wine is Hugh MacLeod and Blue Monster wine gets a mention in this clip. As the clip says, these boys are Groundswell natives.

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  1. madame l says:

    i’m sorry, are you from the past?  in case you haven’t heard, korman went bankrupt with his orbital wine scheme in the uk.  after, according to korman’s former employees, he syphoned off all the cash he could, did not pay his own employees or honour his debts to stormhoek south africa.  nice.  nice ground.  swell.

    these "boys", as you call them, went broke, (at least macleod did, sleeping on his dad’s couch, crowing about how he sold a drawing for 600$, while korman still maintains prime real estate in many places, including miami, ny and australia…) busted, run out of town.  do your homework.  a cursory google search will bring up a number of lawsuits korman was involved in, and lost, for similar crimes.

    if this is your idea of "boys" who should be lauded for their revolutionary marketing strategies, you are either severely deluded or shilling for them.

    <em>Jason’s partner in crime/wine is Hugh MacLeod…</em> indeed.

  2. stevecla01 says:

    nope, definitely not from the past and whilst I was aware Orbital had some issues in the UK I didn’t know the detail. Regardless I’m applauding their tactics of using the web rather than their business practices so I’m neither deluded nor shilling for them. As for MacLeod he’s big enough to speak for himself so no need for me to defend your interpretation of his position.

    I’m due to speak with Jason himself this week so will invite him to offer his views here.

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