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In my hast to get playing with Live Mesh (and blogging about it) I overlooked the screencasts the team has made available. I foolishly went back and asked them this week if they could do some screencasts to help me share with people who aren’t on the Tech Preview what the excitement is all about. This is definitely a product where seeing is way easier than hearing. When you demo it, the penny really drops for people as to why they want it.

The product team came back and asked me what I needed beyond the screencasts they had already posted. Already posted??? Yep, mosey on over to the Learn More section of the Mesh site and you’ll find 4 Silverlight delivered screencasts.


  1. See "devices working together" in action
  2. See "anywhere access" in action
  3. See "simple to share" in action
  4. See "stay informed" in action

Watched ‘em all? Tick….the next phase in your Live Mesh education is Behind Live Mesh: How we run cloud services

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  1. stevecla01 says:


    can you define what you mean by "work with"?


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