What’s the point of Live Mesh?


One of Microsoft’s “most web-savvy execs” explains to Scott Bicheno of Hexus.net
Well….sort of. I enjoyed the chat with Scott and he picked up on the Outlook analogy very well. When we added cached mode to Outlook the user experience improved dramatically. You can think of Live Mesh providing the same capability for files and applications with the cloud MOE and local MOE stores.

Jeremy talks about this in Live Mesh team video at around 13 minutes.

Comments (2)

  1. Mesh is potentially seriously exciting and clearly points at where Microsoft are going.

    However there is a risk that the stream of apparently cross over offerings from Microsoft in the S+S space may lead to confusion rather than clarity within the user and developer communities.

    For example Live Skydrive and Office Live Workspaces, both sell themselves as a place in the cloud (services) to store your files and then be able to access these files from your on-premise tools (software).  Add to this the API’s that the Windows Live team are delivering to open up the existing Windows Live offerings.

  2. stevecla01 says:

    Stephen – very good and expected observations re Skydrive and OLW but given it’s very early days for Live Mesh (not even a beta yet) these things will work themselves out and the confusion will fade. Trust me 🙂

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