Live Mesh and Twitter


34 minutes in to his Channel 9 interview, Ori demos Twitter working with Live Mesh news.

Lots of good analysis coming out on Live Mesh now that the hoopla is over. Steve Gillmor, Phil Wainewright and others. It sounds like Scoble is still mulling it 🙂

I did a couple of press interviews myself this week and lots of good questions coming in along with genuine enthusiasm. I tried to get away with the notion that Live Mesh makes your devices come alive but was told I needed to explain the “come alive” bit as it was too buzzwordy 🙂 This thing is definitely easier to demo than talk about…that’s when it really does come alive for people.

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  1. FreeLance1999 says:

    I diss Agree. Intentional.

    I was nearly unintentional had been direccted to that web site.

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