Gillmor says yes to Live Mesh. I think


I got lost about two thirds of the way in to this post from Steve Gillmor but the first third was a great read. Actually the whole thing was but I just got a bit lost as I think some of the things going on in Steve’s fast thinking brain didn’t quite make it through to the keyboard so you’re left having to assume some things. I’m assuming he likes Mesh though. I think he does. He certainly chaired a good discussion with David Treadwell on last weeks show. Like the Liveside guys, I loved this line

“…..put your head down on the tracks and you’ll hear the superliner approaching: Live Mesh”

Did the game change last week? I think so….it’s really just starting to sink in but I now find it unusual to not have Mesh on my devices. I really want to test on my phone and try some “meshified” applications.

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