Shutdown Day – May 3rd

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The clock is ticking towards Shutdown Day and if I can turn off my computer for a day I’m sure you can πŸ™‚


Shutdown Day is a Global Internet Experiment whose purpose is to get people to think about how their lives have changed with the increasing use of the home computer, and whether or not any good things are being lost because of this.

The idea of Shutdown Day project is simple - just shutdown your computer for one whole day of the year and involve yourself in some other activities: outdoors, nature, sports, fun stuff with friends and family - whatever, just to remind yourself that there still exists a world outside your monitor screen.


So why not join me, Jeremy, Frank and a few others? Find out more

Comments (3)
  1. MattR says:

    I’ll be joining in this one…one day is do-able!

  2. Rod Trent says:

    And, the world’s economy takes a nose dive — well, except for China.

  3. I’m doing it… but that is also because I will be in Mozambique (or driving back) on holiday. Holiday never include laptops (not a good environment, camping, drinking, mountain biking, diving etc…)


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