Cloud Programming for Dummies

Well I love their logo for a start… 🙂 Richard McManus offers his usual insight over at ReadWriteWeb and one suspects this is the first salvo in a new era of computing. Well, Amazon fired the first salvo and has been doing incredibly well and I personally find this whole area fascinating.

I’d love to try App Engine out but I can’t program for toffee (colloquial UK term) and thought Python was a brand of snake (joke). There will no doubt be a tonne of Web 2.0 and 3.0 startups that use this infrastructure to build “the next big thing” but I also wonder what value there is in having hobbyist/non-pro tools be able to play in this sandpit using something like Popfly. That’s what I’d really like but – cloud programming for dummies (with the greatest respect to the Popfly team)

Maybe this is the title of the book I’ve been thinking I must write soon….

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