Go DeepZoom on MIX08 photos from Flickr

I just created a quick album using MIX08 tagged photos at Flickr. Given some are shot with pretty high-res Digital SLR's you can have some good DeepZoom fun with this collection.

Check out my other collections at: LFC and Banksy

Create your own with PhotoZoom fro Live Labs.

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  1. heads up: Server Error in ‘/’ Application on your LFC and Banksy galleries dude.

  2. ^^ aha theres an extra full stop in your link!

  3. Tom B says:

    Cool stuff, can’t make the RSS feeds work at the moment though… will have to play a bit more when I get home tonight!

  4. The above technology is built using Silverlight 2.0 beta that was announced at MIX08. You can upload

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