Prepare to be blown away with Deep Zoom


I've loved SeaDragon since I first saw it and now it's in Silverlight 2.0 and called Deep Zoom. At MIX08 today we saw an amazing demo of this technology from Hard Rock Cafe. It'll blow you away


Duncan from TechCrunch said it best

Where’s Scoble, this is nearly worth crying over. Zoom into a thumb print on a huge picture, quick in and out. Live on later this week

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  1. Jas Dhaliwal says:


    Fantastic keynote. A great range of new technologies to look forward to.   Also great job on the Tweet updates!

    Going to watch the keynote again for some deep insights.



  2. SteveClayton发布了一篇关于Silverlight2演示的文章,其中有提到一项叫作DeepZoom的技术,现部署在http://memorabilia.hardrock.c

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