Live Writer would be killer on the Mac

My pal Dennis Howlett is a big fan of Windows Live Writer - lots of people are in fact. There are an increasing number of admiring eyes from other platforms too - notably the Mac. Personally I LOVE Writer and thanks it's one of the best pieces of software we have released in a long time. It does what you need effortlessly and elegantly.

It would be great to see it on the Mac, though not for the magnanimous reasons Dennis says. I just think it would be a great addition to Office 2008 on the Mac that would help show some of the Mac fanboys that Cupertino doesn't have a monopoly on great work.

C'mon Writer guys, whaddya think??

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  1. barryd says:

    Now that would be interesting; not for the Mac love, but because it would mean a port of the .NET framework to another OS. Which would be lovely *grin*

  2. Jas Dhaliwal says:

    A free bottle of champagne to each member of the Writer team if Live Writer comes to the Mac in 2008!

    Live Writer ROCKS….

    Until then, back to running it in Parallels Coherence Mode….

  3. For all the bad press MS get (including myself for Vista) Windows Liver Writer doesn’t get enough praise.

    I’ve been looking for similar app for my boss who has a Mac, nothing comes close.

    I think Mac users would pay for it too!


  4. Rob La Gesse says:

    No!  NOT on the Mac!  Please don’t get them to spin cycles this way – turn WLW into a Web Application (as I blogged in the past).

    Do it now 🙂

    This would be a killer Silverlight app!


  5. Bout bloody time they put it on mac Steve!

  6. ScottIsAFool says:

    Rob, I couldn’t disagree with you more about it being a WebApp. It defeats the whole purpose of an offline blog authoring tool!


  7. phil says:

    Yeahp – a webapp please!  I love WLW!

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