Do You Sleep With Your Phone?

  • 95% of cell phone owners never leave home without carrying their phone
  • 3 billion people are always 'connected', twice the number of connected PCs
  • 54% of 14-24 year olds use their cell phone for Internet access
  • Only 24% of Japanese cell phone traffic is voice.


I can't remember where I read these last week, nor can I decide which is the most scary. Perhaps this one:

  • 91% of mobile users keep phone within 1 meter reach 24x7 (China Mobile 50K survey)

that last one came from Mary Meeker's great presentation at Web 2.0 SF last year. I love stats like that. They screw with peoples does sleeping with your phone.

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  1. Paul Walsh says:

    As I’ve been saying for a very long time… it’s what most of us turn to first in the morning and the last thing we say good night to at night πŸ™‚

    Well, at least those of us who comment on blogs at 02:10AM.

  2. ribot says:

    Some interesting (and scary) statistics! About users sleeping with their phone: I’ve read numerous studies that show that one of the primary functions (other than making calls and texting) is the ability for the user to tell what time it is. In this day and age, has the mobile device replaced our wristwatch and bedside alarm clock?

    BTW, I keep my phone at an arm-stretched distance away whilst I sleep. πŸ™‚

  3. I keep mine close – possibly too close! Charging on the night stand at home or in a hotel.

    I do use it as an alarm clock though (anyone got a really good Alarm Clock app that works on a WM6 smartphone?)

    I dislike the tangle of USB charger cables though. In hotels finding a power socket close enough to the bed to charge the phone is a pain (assuming I remembered the powerbrick, not the USB-PC cable) and at home tripping over the gosh darned cable when I go to the bathroom in the dark is also a pain!

    Recent happy discovery… Hyatt have an iPod adapter equipped bedside radio/alarm that also includes a USB socket that I can use to charge my phone (couldn’t play music off the microSD card though)

    Sad admissions… last thing at night and first thing in the morning… check email and twitter!

  4. Will Hughes says:

    My phone is my alarm clock and intertubes device presently.

    I do have a regular alarm clock (it’s still in boxes with most of my other stuff – having just moved recently), but the phone can set multiple alarms (good for when you wake up at 7 and decide to sleep in for 5, but hit the ‘Stop’ button instead of Snooze)..

    Others might also find it scary that I sleep with my laptop too (No desk, so I use the laptop on my bed).

  5. Commander Farrell says:

    Never ever leave my mobile on while I’m sleeping, always switched off…I’ve never missed anything that couldn’t be dealt with when I rise from my slumber. However during waking hours, its always on and a permant fixture around my person.

    In response to ribot…I stopped using a wrist watch about 5/6 years ago as I’m constantly surrounded by other devices

  6. Always leave my phone on silent beside the bed, and I always check my email on it before I get out of bed.

    Don’t always keep it within reach though – when I’m feeling particularly rebellious I might leave it upstairs while I’m downstairs watching tv! πŸ˜‰

  7. Steve Clayton asks in his blog, Geek In Disguise, Do you sleep with your phone? As a matter of fact, I do. (OK. Before you start thinking funny things about sleeping with, I literally mean sleeping. Not the figuratively sleeping with. Perv. Haha. Hey

  8. Just saw Steve’s posting about Mobile Phone Usage citing that: 95% of cell phone owners never leave home

  9. Just saw Steve's posting about Mobile Phone Usage citing that: 95% of cell phone owners never leave

  10. Helen-LG says:

    It’s fascinating to think how quickly and wholly our (as individuals and as a society) have embraced modern technology. At least half of the things I rely on day to day didn’t exist when I was a child (and I’m still in my twenties.. Just!)

    Having said that, it’s 2008 already – where’s my flying car!?

    (& to answer your question, yes, I do sleep with my phone by my bed, it replaced my alarm clock many moons ago)

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