Data Center Executives Are Moving To The Clouds

  I should check my Pantone colour chart to see which of these is closest to Azure Blue – a chart from Tom Bittman at Gartner that shows the response to this question When do you expect to use some external cloud services in place of what could be internal IT services?” As Tom says,…


Cut Out and Keep Guide to Web 2.0

Catching up on a few posts I found languishing in my drafts. I like this How to win by using Web 2.0 from the Financial Times, not least because it’s the last place I expected to find it. Without Twitter on there (it should be in the top box) it all seems a bit dated…


Great Quotes #9

"There is no secret ingredient. There is only you." – Kung Fu Panda Courtesy of my pal John Caswell


I’m A PC Hits Liverpool

I’m just back from a great week back at home with family in Liverpool and the place is looking great as it winds down it’s year as European Capital of Culture. Matt has mentioned the rather large I’m A PC installation in the city and I came across it a few nights ago when driving…


Thinking Digital – More Savings

You all know I love Thinking Digital and though it’s not happening until May next year, the early bird gets the cash savings. Herb Kim has kindly supplied me with a code you can use at checkout to save yourself some cash off the full fare registration fee – I forgot to post it until…


Royal Institution Christmas Lectures with Microsoft Research

I drove from Liverpool to London this afternoon and was delighted to stumble across Chris Bishop of Microsoft Research in Cambridge who has the honour of being the selected lecturer for the 2008 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures – a 180 year old tradition.  Whilst ably dodging callers to Radio 5 who wanted technical support on…


Polaroid Project Now On Windows

The Polaroid Project has been available for OSX for a while but it now on Windows too. The Polaroid company filed for bankruptcy this year but their cult camera lives on with this cool little program. Of course if you’re using Windows Live Writer to edit your blog you get a Polaroid image style for…


Calvin & Hobbes on the economy

Calvin and Hobbes predicts the economic crisis – 15 yr old cartoon. hat tip to


The Public Is A Lot Smarter Than Anyone Gives It Credit For

  Quote from Philippe de Montebello director of the Metropolitan Museum in New York in a great article titled The Age Of Mass Intelligence from More Intelligent Life. One of the longest but best posts I have read in a long time with some interesting gems about how popular culture has become more and more…


A Liverpool Sunset

This evening in Crosby.