fav.or.it’s BIG window of opportunity

If I could, right now I'd be building a version of the OLD Google Reader and offering it to the OLD fans of Reader. People are going ape**** over the decision by Google to make a social network out of Reader (with no opt out feature).

I love Reader and almost signed up to GoogleTalk this week just to join the new new thing but glad I didn't as Google trampled all over the privacy of their users.

Nick Halstead - this is your moment my friend. I'd be bustin my ass to get a beta of fav.or.it out NOW. Scoble would be all over it.

Heads up to our Live team - this would be one to work over Christmas on to gain some big kudos. Just blow the dust of OnFolio and webbify it??

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  1. Rob La Gesse says:

    Steve – I recently blogged about this – I loved Onfolio, and I love WLW.  I want WLW to be a true web-based rich client though – as my publishing tool.

    If the same team could build me a rich publishing tool AND a rich RSS reader, then, Oh My! Wouldn’t that be special!

    I’ve been extolling the virtues of the Onfolio team for a couple of years and I really hope Microsoft gives this team the tools and teams to just go build stuff.  They have already show what they can do with Windows Live Writer.  Now I want them to really step out and build me some trly Live apps.

    Onfolio may not have been the biggest purchase Microsoft made in the last two years, but it is the one I think has the best chance to add more "Web 2.0 love" than any other team Microsoft has. The Onlfolio team just "got it" when it came to their customers – they knew how to please.

    And I am pretty sure they still do.  If Microsoft lets them.


  2. Project says:

    "but glad I didn’t as Google trampled all over the privacy of their users."

    And the gross exaggeration of the month award goes to…

  3. stevecla01 says:

    and the award for anonymity goes to?

  4. Hi Steve,

    We are doing our very best to get the thing properly launched and I would love to be able to give you/scoble/everyone a login right now and I really really appreciate all the support you/scoble and the thousands of people who have had the faith to already submit for pre-registration + submitted their blogs to be aggregated.

    Myself, I cant wait to get it out there any hopefully see everyone go ‘wow!’


    Nick H

  5. stevecla01 says:

    good on ya Nick – really looking forward to it πŸ™‚

    hope you’re having a great Christmas dude…see you in 2008!

  6. Project says:


    The point stands whether I choose to remain anonymous or not. But nice way of avoiding the point.

  7. not avoiding the point Project…just that we are destined to disagree on this. we have made similar mistakes in the past (hailstorm) and I an surprised to see google do the same. slashdot is having a field day with this and it will only add fuel to the growing flames of privacy concerns that google has begun attracting.

  8. stevecla01 says:

    Rob…sorry for delayed response. i spoke with some of the Onfolio guys and I’m just not sure if it’ll happen. I have high hopes for fav.or.it though and it’s built with MS technology so I’m happy πŸ™‚

    have a great New Year!

  9. Firefox says:

    Some changes with Google Reader have this blogger thinking about ways to play the market….

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