Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1

If you run Windows Mobile 5 or 6 and run Office 2007 (or get attachments from friends that do) this is a must have. You can nor ready Office 2007 file formats on your mobile device. More details from Jason πŸ™‚


Xbox Live going social

Not a big surprise I guess given the popularity of social networks but great to see this being added to XBOX Live. There has been a lot of chat lately about where Facebook in particular will be in a years time as for many people I have spoken to, the novelty of searching each others…


London geek dinner/pubcrawl with Hugh, Scoble and Winer, Dec 7th

  A bunch of geeks heading down to the Coach and Horses next Friday. That’s gonna look weird…but should be fun πŸ™‚ With Scoble and Dave Winer in town, Hugh has pulled together a geek gathering in London which I’ll be heading along to and there will be some Blue Monster wine to be had….


iPhone humour

Nice cartoon in The Telegraph today. Hat Tip to errr, FSJ πŸ™‚


Create a Silverlight Christmas Cool Wall

Last week I asked my readers to help me build a Christmas wish list and there have been some great suggestions so thanks to everyone who chipped in. I’ve now started to post them to my Cool Wall – followers of BBC’s Top Gear will be familiar with this approach. You have levels of coolness…


BMW goes Silverlight

Cool looking site from BMW Germany using Silverlight. Hat Tip to Mr Johnston


Blue Monster on Channel 10

Blue Monster just appeared on Channel 10 following an interview I did with Laura a few weeks back in Redmond. Ms Foy is also the proud owner of the 1st bottle of the wine in North America I believe….delivered by yours truly. Note to self – ensure I got to makeup before I get in…


A raft of Microsoft concept PC’s

I stumbled across ammunition group’s website recently following a link from a Wired article and decided to browse their catalogue of designs. Imagine my surprise when I found a few Microsoft concept PC designs in there…and my further surprise when I found out that Long hadn’t already posted them Not sure I like any of…


Software Plus Services Blueprints

  I can’t remeber how I came across these Software + Services Blueprints but they’re worth a look over on Channel 9. They’re described as "a series of source code and guidance packages designed to provide an architectural bridge between vision and implementation by making it easier to build S+S applications" Much more info from…


Customer 2.0

  I enjoyed this post from Gabriel a lot – he talks about the dynamics at play in the IT arena at the moment that are defining Customer 1.0 and Customer 2.0 Customer 1.0 Customer 2.0 Buys complete software packages Has optional purchase models (flat rate-based and consumption-based subscriptions) Responsible for software installation and maintenance…