Steve Ballmer video – The Online Opportunity


Thanks to our friends at Mydeo, the Steve Ballmer session here in the UK last week titled The Online Opportunity is now available for viewing.

Lars has blogged about the event and the videos are nicely broken up in to sections. Check out the

Perhaps the best part is

where he deals with some tough questions such as will Visual Studio appear on the Mac or Linux. Well, maybe that one wasn't so tough 🙂 but he is as candid as I've seen him in a while.

Oh in case you don't know who Steve Ballmer is, check out Wired's column on him in their new Geekipedia section.


Comments (3)

  1. There is a very interesting video of Steve Ballmer speaking in the UK. As always, entertaining and a little bizarre. Talking about advertising "A lot of people don’t like to pay for things." "Will online publications be all ad funded? Yes. Traffic is

  2. Bernd says:

    Steve Ballmer, as usual, wants again money from RedHat. Did he, as usual, NOT show the code he means?

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