Hugh talks Blue Monster

Nice – Hugh talking with Scoble about the birth of of Blue Monster at around 6:30 in this video. "Microsofties putting themselves in the firing line despite economic disadvantage" Plus the ability to change the world. Rock on. He mentions what the original tagline was too πŸ™‚ [update] – just watched again and nice touch…


Do I know your product better than you do?

I love to serendipity of the web and finding posts like this one from Marketing Profs Daily Fix. I can’t even remember how I found it but it really hits the mark for me on the impact of blogs, user generated content and the whole Web 2.0 thang. It talks about much the same stuff…


Stephen Fry to work at Microsoft?

I can’t believe I missed this great article by Stephen Fry last Saturday in the Guardian – a friend forwarded it on to me and suggested we were separated at birth. In reading it I think he’s way more of a geek than me. In fact, I’m in the process of moving jobs at the…


Happy Birthday Blue Monster

1 year ago today, a blogger called Hugh MacLeod sent me (and 3 others) an innocuous email with this link: It linked to the image you see above which has become known as Blue Monster* and it has changed my relationship with Microsoft, our customers and partners more than anything in my near 10…


Blue Monster visits Facebook

Hugh and Scoble head down to Facebook. It’s the first Scoble video I’ve watched in a while…nice and short. heh πŸ™‚ nice timing as it’s a special day for Blue Monster tomorrow. Last time I saw these two together they were hugging and kissing babies. Okay, just hugging.


CompTIA Breakaway keynote

| View | Upload your own   A few kind souls emailed asking for my slides from the CompTIA Breakaway keynote I did last week. Uploaded to slideshare. Thanks again to Matthew Poyiadgi, VP of EMEA for inviting me to talk


Guy Kawasaki and I

Man, if I’d known I was going to be alongside Guy Kawasaki in this months Real Business I’d have tried to come up with something more profound. “Facebook isn’t a natural home for business just yet,” says Steve Clayton, head of small business at Microsoft UK. “But the introduction of new applications will make it…


Mini brilliance

   Hat Tip to adgoodness


Leopard install issues

"Dreaded Blue Screen of Death mars some Leopard installs" surely not that blue?


Google uses Microsoft Office?

For research purposes you understand. Well, you decide when reading the job spec on their site. Clearly the tool for real information workers. Hat Tip to the OfficeRocker!