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My pal Hugh drew this a couple of weeks back at the first Blue Monster coffee morning and the original now sits proudly on my desk at home. I've been meaning to publish for a while but couldn't track down a decent scanner.

What I love about the cartoon is Hugh's ability to make the complex simple - a rare talent. Software doesn't quite fit on it for me as the other 3 are derived from software *but* it does have a nice symmetry. Then when you read left to right and then up/down I think it works well.

When Hugh handed it to me he said

"you have to pick where you wanna be"....

I said Microsoft wants to be right there in the middle. The user gets to pick where they wanna be. 
I wonder if I can get Ray Ozzie to use this πŸ™‚


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  1. Jason Bates says:

    Interesting, (especially as I was over the other end of the table at that coffee morning )

    For me the axes are too close to each other to be useful. There seems to be just too much overlap for Cloud & Services vs. Desktop & Software. Both axes seem to be ‘location’…

    but hold on, maybe Hugh was talking business model? what about changing services vs. software to Buy vs. Rent? It works better for me … mmm


  2. gapingvoid says:

    I think if you replace the "software" with "product", the drawing might make more logical sense to you πŸ˜‰

  3. Jason Bates says:

    Thanks it’s definitely an easier spectrum, but maybe less interesting ;o)


  4. Another good post from Steve I’ve been meaning to comment on. Working in UK Local Government I think

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