Microsoft Products Roadmap for FY08 and beyond


Long posted on this a while back following the Financial Analyst Meeting and I thought it was worth coming back to for a few reasons:

  1. Getting hold of anything close to a Microsoft Product roadmap has been difficult for the last number of years. I could speculate as to why and though this isn't a roadmap per se, it is a good indicator of the products coming down the line in "FY08". For those who don't speak Microtalk, that means July 07 to June 08 (our financial year)
  2. This is also a good indicator for Microsoft Partners of where there is business opportunity. It stands to reason that new (or revised) products will have less of your competitors working on them hence you can steal a march. Some of the most successful Microsoft Partners I know do precisely this - they stick close to the trend line of emerging products and "ride the wave".
  3. If you want to know what the UK Partner Technology Specialist team will be working on for the year (FY again), then this slide covers a great deal of it - though sadly we don't get to spend as much time in the Entertainment & Devices column as we'd like and Business Platform (Dynamics) is covered by another group.

I remember seeing this slide (and another that preceded it) and thinking how much things have changed in the 10 years I have been here. Back then, that slide would have had about 20 products total whereas the slide above just shows FY08. Wow...

It's also why comparing Microsoft to Google or Apple is quite laughable in many ways. Both are great companies but neither are similar in the range of what they do. Comparing us to GE is much more appropriate in many ways.

Anyway, if you're a UK Partner you should expect to see more of this slide during FY08 and be quizzing your PAM, TPAM, PTS, SCDM and SSP on all of it. Next up, I'll explain what all of those acronyms means 🙂

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