UK web agencies go wild

Emma Bateson, Jon Harris, Katy Hamilton and a host of other folks at Microsoft UK are hard at work connecting with the many web agencies in the UK. We've made great progress and met some terrific folks like the guys at Lightmaker, Splendid and LBi as well as folks like Conchango who we've known for ages. They're all doing or about to do kick ass work with Silverlight, WPF, Expression etc.

The team has a blog setup specifically aimed at the web agency community and there are some great resources on there - stuff I'd not come across anywhere else like an end to end WPF reference sample called Family Show

Go check 'em out and add them to your feed list. I'd highly recommend the interview with Paul Bishop from Splendid and their recent Heatworld project 🙂 Not least as it let me put that image on my blog!

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  1. In the IT market the term "change is the only constant" has been around for years (well, certainly

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