Microsoft’s Live Datacenters

The acquisition of leases on $200m worth of datacentres recently is old news now but important in the grand scheme of the Live era at Microsoft. With the Software + Services message coming out loud and clear at WorldWide Partner Conference and the same expected this week at our MGX conference, the Live era is definitely upon us. OfficeLive and CRM Live feel like the first salvos in the Ozzie era and I'm looking forward to hearing more this week. I'll keep you posted but sometimes you can feel a big shift at Microsoft. I may be wrong but this feels like one of those times for me.

The significance of the data centres? Goes hand in hand with the Windows Live DataCentres phrase I heard last week.  We're coming.

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  1. With all the fuss about a "leaked" powerpoint from the MGX conference (that gives a tentative date for

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